Sunday, September 28, 2008

WIP - Men's Scarf

RS1I decided to make my BIL a scarf for his upcoming birthday. Since he is an executive, I wanted to make a quality scarf. At my LYS I found a beautiful Italian wool. The color I chose will go perfectly with any color coat. It took two balls of yarn to make this scarf. It is garter stitched only. I believe I casted on 20. I am wondering if I should make fringes to finish it up. My DH says I should.


Anonymous said...

Just my opinion about the fringe...usually the exec's scarves are under the coat and don't have fringe , but have that smooth look like an ascot inside. At least that is what I have observed. i'd just bind off in purl and nicely block.

Esther said...

Thank you!! I will leave off the fringe.