Sunday, September 28, 2008

Updating My Blog

Square 11

HoneyI have been really bad about keeping up with the Learn to Knit Afghan squares. As you can see from the above photo, I am only in the beginning of Square 11. Then today when I went to pick up my needles again, I noticed that our cat had been playing with my knitting.

Oh sure, she may look innocent but she is a naughty kitty. My DH even warned me to put away the knitting last night but I failed to listen to him. But I am looking at the bright side, I will start over and will not make the couple of mistakes I made with this one.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure your cat's name isn't 'Mischief'?
Thanks for sharing your lovely projects with us, Es!
You sure can knit very neatly, speaking of the scarf. It looks soft, warm, and done with love and care.

Esther said...

You're not kidding. You should see the things she does to us. BTW, Teresa, I restarted the square yesterday.