Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oh No! It Happened Again!

First of all, I am not working on Square 11. I am in fact working on Square 10 :-(

Anyway, I had to restart this square because of our little cat (as I mentioned the other day). Well, this morning my husband confessed to me that he my knitting and the vacuum had a little run in last night. It seemed that my husband decided to vacuum the living room after I went to bed. He apparently didn't see my knitting that I had tucked away behind a table. But the vacuum did and now the whole thing is unraveled. Not only that but the vacuum also sucked up my bamboo knitting needle and broke it.

My husband felt so badly about this that he mended the needle as best he could. But as for the square...it is back to drawing board.


Kelsey said...

A husband who voluntarily vacuums is a rare creature indeed. One who both vacuums and understands the knitting thing? Priceless. I hope your next attempt at this square is trouble-free.

Anonymous said...

I agree..you have a gem of a hubby. My brother is a gormet cook and his wife never has to trouble herself in the kitchen..they are like 2 peas in a pod..perfecto. Love after all these years has grown stronger.

The square is a disaster, but the marriage is made in heaven(no pun intended). ;_)


Esther said...

Well thanks Kelsey and Teresa. I am seeing my husband with new eyes.

Timotab said...

Keep going! (I found your blog because you referenced my site)

Esther said...

I will!