Monday, June 9, 2008

Finished With Square 9

I finally completed square #9. I don't know why the bottom and top curled so much. It was a much easier pattern than I had initially thought. I knitted this one using plastic needles because my mom couldn't find her metal or bamboo ones. I did not like using plastic needles at all.


teresa_anawim2 said...

re needles:
my faves are Bryspuns
see here:

they are expensive, but I feel they are worth the money. They have a give and a flexability. My hands hurt from Carpal Tunnel and (I think) the onset of arthritis which is genetic, a gift passed down through both sides of my family.
There is a CONSIDERABLE difference when I knit with these as opposed to the bamboo(which I love).
Another needle I use for circulars only are the Addi Turbos which have a sleek, slippery smooth surface which also makes hurting hands and joints feel at ease with less pain.

I have begun a sweater using Caron Simply Soft cheap yarn and thought I'd try some of those acrylic clear plastic needles on display....they are HORRIBLE! The needle and yarn have so much traction, that there are gaps in the stitches..I am using the Addi Turbos and I find the stitches are much more uniform.
Matching the appropriate needle texture with the yarn makes a huge difference I am learning. It's not just in the knitter's hands and the way they form the stitch.

Esther said...

Thanks for the advice Teresa. No more plastic needles for me if I can help it. Sorry to hear about the CTS. Does the brace help?

teresa_anawim2 said...

I am not having the night pain or numbness any more(thanks be to God) and so have out it in the nightstand drawer.
The pain comes usually when it is damp outside during the day when I use my hands...not debilitating, though..just a nuisance.
The plastics I bought were the hard acrylic Susan Bates know, the pretty see through pastel colored ones?
Waste of money! Just a novelty.Not much in utility.
I just posted something about needles over on the KAL ..pop on over Es if you have the time.