Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dishcloth and Soap Gifts

The gift bags have been filled and our new kitty seems to be inspecting them.

The four finished dishcloth and the soap which compliments the color of the dishcloth

Close up of the blue one

One of the projects I have been busy with is making dishcloths to match the soaps I bought from Kamauoha Farms They are natural soaps with a loofah in the middle.


Totus Tuus! said...

Can you direct me to dishcloth patterns including ones of the letters of the alphabet? I love what you've done here. So do-able.

I'm a sock, mitten, and hat knitter myself. I love these small projects and knitting in the round on double pointed needles becasue I don't like big bulky projects on my lap.

The beauty of these dishclothes is that they can easily grow (become a blanket, scarf, etc) without becoming a big bulky item while knitting.

Are you using cotton? Sport weight?

Just love 'em! Personalized too! :)

Joeysmom said...

Sure thing! The link is on the sidebar under Knitting Links. I believe it is the first one listed.

I am using the cotton Peaches and Cream one to be specific. I am not sure which weight it is. My new kitten unraveled the yarn and I threw out the labels.

I want to try socks next. I even bought the DPNs to use.

Totus Tuus! said...

Oh wow! Awesome! I have a lot of synthetic yarn in the rainbow colors of red, orange , yellow, blue, green, indigo, and violet. I think these patterns all joined together would make a very nice durable, washable, child's blanket.

How big is each square approx? And is number nine pattern coming soon?

About the socks...there is a great free video teaching website at:

Joeysmom said...

Depending on what yarn you use, the squares can be approximately 10 1/2 inches or smaller.
This is a blanket I made for my son but I utilized two different patterns. Sailboat pattern was bigger than the alphabet pattern. Yet because of the yarn I used, Caron's Simply Soft, it was easy to match up and you can barely tell the difference in size.

I don't know about the 9 pattern. Maybe you can email the designer.

Thanks for the link.

teresa_anawim2 said...

You have been a busy lady with your knitting!
How lovely, colorful, personal....and thoughtful!

Totus Tuus! said...

Helloe again! I just completed my first dish cloth. I love it. I am wondering, however, if the remaining yarn on the ball (which seems to be quite a bit)is enough to make a second cloth from the same ball? If not, are tere any ideas, patterns, floating around for the large amount of leftover yarn from a 2 oz. ball?


Esther said...

Thanks Teresa. I needed some gifts for the family.

Lorraine, how nice! I am actually knitting a 5th dishcloth from a project Teresa (above) and I are working on (Learn to Knit Afghan). Its two rows of one yarn and then two rows of a second yarn. So far, the blues and greens look good blended together. I plan on knitting until I ran out. I only wish I had casted on fewer than the 39 stitches called for in the pattern.

Totus Tuus! said...

oops! Sorry! I guess I didn't ask my question clearly. Can I get TWO dish cloths (the alphabet letter patterns) out of ONE ball of 2oz. Sugar n' Cream yarn?

Sure looks like a lot left over after making one dishcloth.

teresa_anawim2 said...

Just dropping by to say 'Aloha', Esther.
Miss you over at the LTKA KAL.
I realize your first obligation is to research and write contributions to the Home Schooling Mom's group where you communicate and minister via your spiritual blog, and that takes time.

Glad you had a nice trip.

Perhaps some day you will have time to knit again with the KAL project.

Love ya!

Heather said...

I like these, I wish I could knit!


Anonymous said...

Hi Es and Heather!
Of course you can knit...I bet Esther will be glad to guide you into making some of these gifts for the Church craft sale and Christmas gifts!
It seems people appreciate hand made items more than store bought.
I think it is in Sweden, Es in Hawaii, me in Massachusetts(north east US) and others visiting Esther's blogs from all over God's Church worldwide!

Esther said...

Aloha Heather and Teresa. Thanks so much for continuing to visit my neglected blog. I have completed some knitted items but haven't shared them for some reason....laziness.
Heather, if you learn the basics such as casting on and the garter stitch (which really is simple once you get the hang of it) you'll be a knitter in no time. is an invaluable tool.

hugs to both of you

Anonymous said...

Hey Es...ya really gotta update this blog, gal! It's too nice!
Anyways...I was considering some gift bags like you have here for the Church's Christmas Fair. I thought the kids could afford these for their Mothers.
But...I was thinking of a kitchen based theme; knitted dishcloth,scrubbers, and perhaps some kind of soap or something else for the kitchen sink. But...what??!!
A cake or bar of soap wouldn't work for dishes. I was thinking of small plastic travel sized bottles which I could fill with liquid soap..but the bottles are about $2 each!. A scented mini candle for the kitchen with a spicey or fruity scent from the dollar store? Would that work? Any ideas?
So far I am thinking
....any improving ideas, Es???

Esther said...

Teresa, you will be happy to know I just did.

What a great idea! Have you checked out the dollar stores in your area for bottles?

Anonymous said...

the are all filled and labeled with bath products...I will come up with something as I shop around...I am going to visit another craft store.

Esther said...

Hmmmm, too bad.

Heather's Crochet Blog said...

Teresa and Esther -

I would love it if there were dishcloth swap groups out there for crocheters. =) I am sure there are but I never looked. Will do so once we're in Buffalo. =)

Heather (in Sweden)

Esther said...

Heather, I am sure you can find them online.