Sunday, December 30, 2007

Knitting Supplies

We went to Walmart after Mass last evening. I didn't have any high expectations of finding anything other than acrylic yarn there but I went with an open mind. I wanted to go to our LYS but I had a feeling it was closed for the New Year's weekend. Well, I came home with the following to add to my knitting trunk. I have a small rattan/bamboo trunk were I keep my yarn, needles, etc.

Well, I found and bought the following:

1. Bamboo knitting needles size 9

2. Double-pointed needles (4)

3. A bunch of Peaches -n- Cream cotton yarn

4. Caron's Simply Soft in mint and steel blue

There were stitch markers and row counters also. But I think I will wait until next time.

Might As Well Start From the Basics

When I was home this past summer, my mom and I started knitting a sweater together (each taking a separate part). But my mom wasn't at all pleased with my method of casting on. My method of using one needles to wrap around the yarn left large loops. This was not at all pleasing to my experienced knitting mother. She then taught me the method of knitting the stitches onto the other needle. Although this method did not leave the large loopy ends, it wasn't as tight or finished as I would like it.

I went back to the Stitch -n- B... book and at midnight while reading in bed, I taught myself Debbie Stoller's double cast-on method. She was right, it is easy once you get the hang of it and more importantly, the edge is so nicely finished and tight!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Gift I Received

My friend Helen gave me a wonderful little present for my recent birthday. It is a 2008 Knitting Calendar by Desiree Scales. It is loaded with instructions, patterns, tips, techniques, etc. Can't wait until Tuesday :-)

BTW, I'm also rereading my S-n-B book from cover to cover. Told you I'm serious about knitting again.


Have you joined Ravelry yet? I'm still waiting....should be any day now...

New Site Added to the Sidebar

Knitting Girl
I came across a new site today loaded with patterns and info.

Free, Knit Patterns

I'm Back

Knitting car
Well, after a long hiatus, I am back. I got a little discouraged when my attempts to knit a dog sweater didn't turn out the way I wanted it to. But the other day I picked up my needles and decided to start from scratch. For me, that means with a dishcloth.

Oh, I know that is the easiest and most basic knitting a beginner can do. But my goal is to make my son a new blanket. The quilt I made for him 11 years ago is literally falling apart. I plan on using different dishcloth patterns in complimentary or contrasting colors and then putting all the squares together to make a blanket. It will look more or less like an afghan.

One pattern I found is a sailboat dishcloth which can be found HERE What I really want to find is a turtle pattern or large letters of the individual alphabet to knit my son's name on each block.

Well, back to my searching...