Thursday, September 20, 2007

Friendship Chain

I was happily surprised with this cute little gift from fellow Catholic knitter and blogger Pame
Todos nosotros / All of us...
Viejos y jóvenes / Old and young...
Cerca y lejos / Near and far...
Guardamos recuerdos especiales de los buenos momentos que hemos compartido / Hold special memories of good times we've shared.
Hemos tenido nuestra cuota de tiempos malos donde nuestros amigos estuvieron ahí para hacernos sentir mejor / We've had our share of hard times when our friends were there to make us feel better.
Hemos compartido / We've shared...
Nuestros corazones / Our hearts
Nuestro tiempo / Our time
Nuestros secretos / Our secrets
Nuestros temores / Our fears
Nuestras esperanzas / Our hopes
Y nuestos sueños / And our dreams.
¡Que nunca rompamos la cadena de amigos! / Let us never break the chain of friends!

Saluda con este mensaje a todos aquellos que te hacen feliz con su amistad virtual/ Pass this on to all of those that you are happy to have as friends on the net.
I would also like to return the little gift to Pame and to the following ladies:


and Amy


becomewhatyouare said...

Thank you for the translation! I received this lovely gift as well, but could not appreciate it until I found your entry here.

Amy Caroline said...

Thank you so much Esther!!!

Esther said...

Well, as you may know, Pame did the translation.

Amy, you are welcome!