Sunday, March 18, 2007

Knit to Pray

Knit to Pray
I stumbled across an article on knitting in a Catholic newspaper Catholic Herald

Through knitting, “God is blessing us in silence and love,” Harker wrote in the Knit-to-Pray Prayer Guide. “It is our time to be present in loving silence to God who nurtures our minds, bodies, hearts and souls.”

Here’s how it works. Knit-to-Pray offers three different shawls: The Annunciation (feast day March 25), The Visit (May 31) and The Nativity (Dec. 25). Each piece offers a choice between two color palettes — fall to winter or winter to spring. For example, The Annunciation winter to spring pattern crosses “Mary’s blue and God’s purest white” to invoke “the brightness and light of spring.” Each shawl is accompanied by a Gospel reading, a Gospel reflection and reflection questions, and the kit comes with Aussie wool, bamboo knitting needles, an instructional guide to knitting and praying, and a sizing chart.

“Knitting becomes prayer when we let the rhythm of knitting, a repeat pattern, move our mind and heart into a place of quiet recollection in the presence of God,” Harker wrote. “By reading the Scripture slowly before beginning our Knit-to-Pray shawl experience, we will focus ourselves on God and move into prayerful reflection.”

For more information on Knit-to-Pray go to Trinity Shawls.

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