Thursday, June 29, 2006

Knitting the Classics

Mother and Child Picture courtesy of A Good Yarn

Graphic Courtesy of The Good Yarn

I found this blog recently and it looks like something I would like to try soon.

For now, I will share their link here.

Knit the Classics

Back on May 14, 2005 Amanda, after having recently joined another reading and knitting group, decided that she wanted to see if anyone else wanted to read classics and knit themed projects with her. She did not think that people actually read classics anymore (at least not for fun) and was pleasantly surprised when so many people wanted to join.

The reason Amanda choose to have projects themed to the novel we were reading was for a cohesive effect. Crafters of all specialties are always welcome to KTC so she did not want to limit the projects for the novels by having the same project for all. The idea was to see how different people could pick something to craft from the same novel we were all discussing. Click here for complete article:

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