Thursday, June 29, 2006

Knitting the Classics

Mother and Child Picture courtesy of A Good Yarn

Graphic Courtesy of The Good Yarn

I found this blog recently and it looks like something I would like to try soon.

For now, I will share their link here.

Knit the Classics

Back on May 14, 2005 Amanda, after having recently joined another reading and knitting group, decided that she wanted to see if anyone else wanted to read classics and knit themed projects with her. She did not think that people actually read classics anymore (at least not for fun) and was pleasantly surprised when so many people wanted to join.

The reason Amanda choose to have projects themed to the novel we were reading was for a cohesive effect. Crafters of all specialties are always welcome to KTC so she did not want to limit the projects for the novels by having the same project for all. The idea was to see how different people could pick something to craft from the same novel we were all discussing. Click here for complete article:

Full Story

Knitting for Dummies


How do you like my new book? Actually, I created it with Dummies Book Cover Generator

Monday, June 12, 2006

The Lego Knitting Machine

Lego KM

H/T to Knitting Novices

As a novice knitter, it will be a long time before I attempt to use a knitting machine. But I thought this knitting machine made out of Legos was so clever because it actually works!

Lego Knitting Machine

Are You Hooked - A Knitter's Quiz

Yarn and Needles

Source: Knitters Anonymous

Have you ever:

decided to kick the habit only to "fall off the yarn wagon"?

knit alone or first thing in the morning?

gone on a knitting binge?

had a craving for just a little yarn fix?

been a pusher, turning others on, even minors, to this habit?

experienced blackouts..finding yarn in your stash you swear you never bought?

Are you:

an adult child of a knitter?

a compulsive overknitter?

living in denial...

telling yourself you actually save money by knitting clothes and gifts?

believing you can save on therapy bills by knitting?

certain that you can quit any time you want?

calling yourself a social or recreational knitter?

Has your cat ever gotten "messed up" after getting into your stash again?

Is your definition of a "needle exchange" different than that of non-knitters?

Is too much yarn never enough for you?

If you can answer yes to...

10 or more questions - you may be a knitaholic

8-9 questions - you may be a compulsive overknitter

6-7 questions - you may be a yarn junkie

4-5 questions - you may be a chronic social knitter

0-3 questions - you are living in denial or you're at the wrong web site!

Now there is help...Now there is Knitters Anonymous...You are not alone!

Monday, June 5, 2006

Book Recommendation

My friend Alexandrina recommended the following book to me. I am looking forward to buying it.

Thought of you when I read this cause I thought you would find it entertaining to read. +AJ

At Knit's End: Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much

Bibliographic Data: Trade Paperback, 320 Pages, Storey Publishing, LLC, March 2005

Author: Pearl-McPhee, Stephanie

List Price: $9.95
In-store prices may vary. See your local store for the most up-to-date pricing.

Status: In Print

BINC: 7838190

ISBN: 1580175899

Shelf Location: Crafts & Collectibles > Crafts > Knitting

About the Author: Stephanie Pearl-McPhee entertains knitters with her unique blend of humor and knitting highwire acts via her popular online blog, articles, and essays. She lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband and three daughters.
Description: Knitting finally takes its rightful place on the spectrum of personal obsessions, alongside golfing, fishing, and gardening. The tangled life of the knitter is the subject of inspired nuttiness in these 300 tongue-in-cheek meditations from the self-proclaimed yarn harlot, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.

As any knitter can attest to, this is an activity fraught with guilt, frustration, over-optimism, sly deception, and compulsion, along with passionate moments of creative enlightenment. To soothe the unraveled knitter's soul, Pearl-McPhee has selected some of her favorite quotes to cast off from, and then, like the standup comic of the knitting world, she rants, raves, and reflects on common experiences that are sure to leave avid knitters in stitches.

At Knit's End captures the wicked -- and wickedly funny -- musings of someone who doesn't really believe it's possible to knit too much, and who willingly sacrifices sleep, family, work, and her sanity on a regular basis in order to keep doing it. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee has seen it all -- from the deadly "second sock syndrome," to a house so full of yarn she can't find her washing machine, to desperate all-nighters spent feverishly finishing gifts.

This hilarious collection of short, pithy readings offers plenty of reassurance for anyone who has ever wondered, "Am I alone in my mania?"