Tuesday, May 9, 2006

My First Project

Joey BlanketMy mom tried to teach me how to knit when I was a young girl. Of course, I wasn't very patient and eventually, I just gave up.

During my last visit home, I again picked up the knitting needles and attempted to knit a scarf. I had been making scarves by crocheting but I found that knitting them made the finished work much neater.

I was hooked. I couldn't wait to go to the Rag Shop and buy yarn.

After a while, I wanted to attempt something a little more challenging than a scarf. My son requested a blanket. Okay, what's a blanket but big scarves sewn together, right? Well, that is what I did. I bought a whole lot of Red Heart's Camoflauge and knitted away. I ended up knitting three long rows using up all but one skein for the border. I then sewed the long "scarves" together and crocketed a border.

Okay, not the neatest work but I was very happy with it. And more importantly, my big 15 year old son loves sleeping with this blanket.

My next projects were Christmas presents. Only thing I really knew what to knit were scarves so why fix it if it "ain't" broke. Because they were to be presents, I went out and bought nicer yarn than just plain ol' acrylic. I actually found some very nice yarn at Walmart. I also found a super soft alpaca blend at a neighborhood yarn shop. It was an oatmeal color and very pretty.

Everyone in my family on the mainland got scarves for Christmas.

Well now, one can only knit for so long before you start itching to learn something knew.

I had always heard the phrase "Knit one, Purl two". Weren't they the same thing? Apparently, no, they weren't. Purl was a totally new technique. Well, the internet really wasn't much help until I went back to my local yarn shop and the lady helped me learn it. By the time I got home, I had all but forgotten the steps. I then went to a wonderful knitting site
The Knitting Help and with the help of their video...yes...Videoes! I learned to purl.

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